"This is my only book of fictional stories, rather than autobiographical ones, but I do think the stories have a lot in common with autobiographical writing. The stories are revealing in the way that dreams are. They are attempts to work out my problems in life with women, adulthood, wanting to be a writer, etc, though I wasn’t necessarily aware of that when I wrote them. In some ways they are even more revealing than autobiography because they let everything out under the protection of being fiction."

- Steven Schrader


Crimes Cover

Inwood Press, 1976




“Schrader’s laconic fables of the world gone mad are written in a casual shorthand style. His ordinary people do extraordinary things but never flick an eyelash while they do them... The title story records a brief affair, Gwen’s betrayal, the vocalizing Rhonda’s short-lived triumph, the narrator’s move westward. ‘Hanging,’ the tale of a man whose avocation becomes his total preoccupation, jabs at the notions of sanity and insanity in a topsy-turvy world.”

– Publishers Weekly

“Steven Schrader’s stories have the quality of folktales. They strip away elaboration and detail to reveal with wit and humor the oddness and the wonder of everyday life."

– David Black



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