"I spent my first thirteen years in Washington Heights, a block from Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters. It was more like a small town then. Across from our six-story apartment house was a vacant lot on which was the remainder of a well, which we used as the den for our games. Everyone knew one another, there were very few red lights, and no parking restrictions. Ices were either three cents or a nickel from the Good Humor truck. Our area was mostly Jewish, so it was a pretty insular place. The assistant super, who was black, lived in the basement with his family. His son was sent by the local principal to a school in Harlem, so it wasn’t completely idyllic."

- Steven Schrader

Work Cover

Hanging Loose Press, 1989



“These are 14 wonderful stories in all… written with just the right touch of lightness and compassion. An outstanding compendium.”

– Booklist


“Here is a collection of stories about life, love, and work, by a fine writer. Each story is a sideways look at the human condition…. Schrader has a fine touch in his character development and in his descriptions of time…. The collection is an affirmation of the human spirit.”

- Kliatt


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