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"Steven Schrader is the funniest writer I know. His fiction can also be quite touching, but his funny stories and vignettes and hilarious characters and situations are what really get to me. I've used his fiction in my classes when I was teaching and they have always cracked the students up. It's great to have the opportunity to laugh with your students and this invariably happened when I read a story of Schrader aloud."

-Stephen Dixon, former Professor of MFA Writing Program, Johns Hopkins and two-time nominee for the National Book Award in fiction


"Schrader's laconic fables of the world gone mad are written in a casual shorthand style. His ordinary people do extraordinary things but never flick an eyelash while they do them."

- Publisher's Weekly


"I can think of no other contemporary writer who portrays New York life with the honesty and humor of Steve Schrader... Drawing on the trove of his own experiences he magically translates the absurdities of life into prose. To read Schrader is sheer pleasure intermingles with a hint of sadness, a vivid journey with a writer of dead-on vision and a generous but unsentimental heart."

- Phyllis Raphael, Author of Off The King's Road, Lost and Found in London


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